Conversational AI is the
next generation of IVR.

Focus your agents on the important cases and let the AI automate and improve call routing, reduce hold times, and save you money.

Advanced IVR with Conversational AI

With natural language processing, powered by Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson, your callers no longer need to sit through a long menu of options. They can simply speak in their natural language, state their request, and get the help they need quickly. That’s the beauty of Conversational AI.

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Streamline handling and reduce costs

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Accelerate resolution

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Boost engagement

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Make changes in minutes, not weeks

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Cloud-Native Technology

Interactive voice response(IVR) solution

Advanced IVR with Conversational AI uses Machine Learning to understand the various ways your customers make requests. For example, you might teach the virtual agent to understand the phrase “I’d like to get my car fixed,” and, over time, the virtual agent will understand that “Can you fix my car?” means the same thing.

What’s possible with an intelligent IVR?

Call routing

Route calls to the right person or department automatically to assist customers quickly.

Agent escalation

Escalate calls to agents who can use context gathered by the IVR to pick up where it left off.

Self-service automation

Complete order processing, bill pay, appointment scheduling, and information retrieval without an agent.

AI virtual agents

Deflect calls to virtual agents that can provide conversational AI experiences to save agent bandwidth.

Proactive notifications

Confirm appointments, provide critical account updates, and confirm delivery details quickly and easily.

Emergency notifications

Make it easy for people to get critical information at scale without tying up phone lines.

How it Works?

Improve the customer experience with your IVR
Help customers find what they’re looking for sooner with an IVR that goes beyond button-pushing menus. Deliver contextual intelligent self-service.

Decrease pressure on live agents
Manage call volumes with an IVR workflow that automates basic tasks to preserve agent resources for the most critical calls.

Make agents more efficient
Collect context from the customer’s IVR interaction so agents have a full picture of the situation by the time a call is escalated to them.