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360S2G has extensive experience in implementing ERP, customizing and reconciling powerful ERP systems that fit your unique business style. Our steadfast ERP engineers are skilled in managing, tracking, booking software and turning all of your business operations into a single, basic, customized ERP method. Whether you're a developing or a constructed-up business, you're most probably looking for an advantageous framework for business resource planning (ERP) to optimize your company. 360S2G team of experts has vast experience in developing and building fully integrated ERP systems to manage the staff and job procedures, financial sources, and shape assembly. To strengthen your current business operations and monitor your projects and resources, we provide top-of - the-line solutions

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Effective Integration Services

By promoting ongoing data aggregation between systems, we use the hierarchical architecture of your selected fully integrated business IT environment situation to ensure the adaptability of your enterprise.

ERP System Upgrades

Our professional engineers offer upgrades to existing software for design, improved business and operations. We review current implementations, update specifications, any holes that may need modification and testing to ensure the upgraded version works as expected.

ERP Administration Services

We track the configuration of the back-end system for bugs, future changes and overall technical infrastructure support, examine process problems, provide support to both the desk, security management, server backup, handle contact and timetables, and much more.

Benefits of Having Custom ERP Software

  • ERP app allows all of the information to be aggregated at a single place.
  • ERP system will help you move out of repetitive tasks, gather data quickly, and simplify business operations inside the company.
  • Each program client can produce customized reports without any problems with ERP development services.
  • An extensive ERP system enhances the quality of the product of customer service by providing easy access to customer information.