Utility Management System


Sewage And Recycled Water Management

Attributes of Effectively Managed Water Sector Utilities describe desired outcomes that are applicable to all water and wastewater utilities. The Attributes provide indication of where effectively-managed utilities focus and what they strive to achieve.

  • Product Quality
  • Financial Viability
  • Operational Resiliency
  • Water Resource Adequacy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Operational Optimization
  • Infrastructure Stability
  • Optimizing Operations and Services

Waste Management


Waste Management offers reliable, efficient trash collection and recycling pickup services that work with your schedule so you can focus on the things that matter most. Order Waste Pickup. Bulk Trash Pickup

Sanity Management System

Equipment and Replacement Part Inventories

Equipment and Replacement Part Inventories, Training, statistics and Regulatory And Performance Provisions also includes 1. Confined Space 2. Pumps 3. Basic Electricity 4. Hydraulics 5. Jetting Techniques 6. Hazardous Materials Management 7. Various Safety Procedures.

Rebate Management System & Citizen Reporting Software


Our Unique system is capable of processing over multitude applications in a day. It compiles data in few minutes and analyses data of the consumer in minutes. The consumer can upload proof of purchases on turfs, sprinklers, water heaters, rain collectors. It’s a hassle-free system for both the reviewer and consumer at the same time. It also eliminates the expensive postage fee.

Smartphone Apps

iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian


Our Unique App offers the consumers online bill pay, alert on/ off and outage facilities.

UTIL Infinity APP

UTIL Infinity has unmatched functionality available standard, which means a utility can meet all of its needs and more without expensive customization. As part of our commitment to working with our UTIL Infinity are customer-driven. As a result, UTIL Infinity is a solution that is always up-to-date that includes enhancements that are relevant to your utility's specific needs

Thermal Data APP

This is a futuristic app only for certain that have AR capability. We hope in near future it will be available to all cities.

Manage Documents within UTIL360

Automate communications with customers. Attach documents and correspondence to customer records.

Automate reading/billing errors with on-line supervisor approval of corrected/rebill process.

App to include mobile bill presentment and payment applications